Sunday, March 16, 2008

Are you a technical communicator-type?

Are you a technical communicator? Lots of "application training"? User manuals? "Help" data?

I'm running the Instructional Design Institute for the Society for Technical Communications' annual Technical Communications Summit June 1-4 in Philadelphia. This is a big, fun event great for those who deal in technical communication and information (hint to those of you who do "app training"...)

Karl Kapp and Susan Boyd will be joining me for the ID Institute; we hope to see you there!


Rahul Prabhakar said...


Glad to see that you made it safely home. Hope the trip wasn't too exhausting!

It was a pleasure meeting you at the STC Summit in Philly. Hope we'll be able to keep up our conversation over this long distance!


-- Rahul Prabhakar

PS: You are encouraged to join my technical writing listserv called TWI ( Your presence on the list shall be highly cherished.

Jane Bozarth said...

Exhilarated, not exhausted! What a fun time... I especially enjoyed Phylise Banner's presentation and am consuming Berry's "Visual Intelligence" now.