Sunday, August 10, 2008


Am here for the Leadership Challenge forum (to reseach the new training package I'm writing as part of the LC series)and went out for a walk this morning awaiting the opening of the Bump & Grind Cafe (destination spot for any delicate flower of Southern womanhood). I'm staying near the Capitol so there are lots of historic spots nearby, highlighted by these great posters. You can walk along, call in, get a "story". I am thinking there are great implications here for training but am interested in hearing your thoughts?

Also, if you're ever in Denver, check out the Chicken Lips Theatre improv group. Great fun, especially for fans of Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Bex said...

Yes, the first application that comes to mind is new employee orientation. Employees could set out on a self-directed tour of the facility with maps for direction (this could even be a scavenger hunt). Whenever they come across a poster, they could call in to learn: a company historical fact; how to book a meeting room; where to sign up for the gym, etc. Some of the numbers could even reach a live person whom they could meet with to find out more.

Great find!