Friday, February 04, 2011

Twitter in Training

There's lots of interesting stuff coming out this week on using Twitter as a training tool. First, Terrence Wing is moving like a house afire, first with this nice piece on using Twitter as a training platform, then with this great YouTube demonstration of using the video widget in the new Twitter interface to support delivery of a whole course via Twitter. (You can visit Twitter to see the course, too.)

Then last night I happened to check in on the new episode of Grey's Anatomy, which included a whole storyline about using Twitter as a training tool. The Chief was adamantly opposed to tweeting from operating rooms, calling Bailey's Blackberry a 'litigation machine' (sound familiar?). Meantime, staff were bending the rules and residents from all over the country were following along with surgery backchannels, eventually appealing to the chief's expertise and ego. Learners were able to ask questions and get answers from a master. Everybody won--including Twitter.  The ABC network site doesn't leave these episodes up long, and I fear readers in some countries outside the US will be unable to access the site. The episode's called "don't deceive me please don't go" so keep an eye out for it on subversive channels everywhere.

Readers of Social Media for Trainers will appreciate the challenges of trying to keep print text updated as new approaches and ideas evolve. Keep me posted of new things you run across and I'll do my best to spread the word. Ain't technology -- and the people who use it -- great?


Kayleen said...

A colleague and I are preparing to present a session at a conference about Web 2.0 tools, and your book, Social Media for Trainers, is proving to be an excellent resource in our research! We've already requested that the university where the conference is being hosted makes sure they have copies available for sale in the bookstore.

The Grey's Anatomy clip is already on YouTube, of course: And here's a shorter clip:

Jane Bozarth said...

Kayleen-- thanks so much! Let me know if you want me to drop by (virtually, via phone or Skype or WebEx or something) and say hi during your session. Thanks for supporting the books and the info on the clips--

Linda Sherman said...

Thanks for this Jane! Good catch!

Lisa Gualtieri said...

Great post, Jane. Have you come across any other examples of Twitter as part of courses, online or in the classroom?