Thursday, July 16, 2015

Accessibility Is More Than "Compliance"

I'm always surprised that so many in the training/instructional design/elearning business aren't more concerned with accessibility issues. In my experience this comes more from lack of awareness than intentional disregard. Here are some musings on accessibility, usability, and universal design. Be sure to check the resources offered -- and don't miss the informative, helpful comments! 


Unknown said...

Great article Jane! I do agree that there’s such an issue in the industry. I find eLearning a great way to learn for the ones with disabilities. Those who have problems with moving – don’t have to move, those with hearing/ vision troubles as well don’t have to worry on the condition the course is available for everyone. It’s also the matter of equality as everyone has the same right to participate in eLearning. It’s just about making eLearning more unique.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,

Agreed with the discussion you raised, eLearning should be equal for all.eLearning is the easiest way for differently abled persons to learn without any relocation or much physical movement they can easily reach to the extensive knowledge database in any specialization.I think there is need of major improvement in this area, courses should be designed in such a way that they support all categories.

Akshay Anand(Business Manager Zipboardco.)