Thursday, May 26, 2005

LMSs: Good News

Here are some encouraging words from Josh Bersin. This appeared in an article on "Evaluating LMSs" in the April 2005 issue of Training, discussing LMS satisfaction factors.

"Hosted LMSs. Hosted LMS customers were significantly more satisfied than those who run LMSs internally. Hosted solutions reduce cost, complexity, and resource requirements. They are also much more likely to be completed on schedule and within predicted budgets. Providers specializing in hosting usually have highly responsive support staffs and tools that simplify content integration. We strongly recommend that buyers consider a hosted approach if they do not have sufficient resources to implement, configure and manage an internal LMS. (Note fromJane: This can also be cheaper than buying own...)

Smaller overall budgets. Interestingly, organizations with smaller budgets—no matter the overall organization size or number of learners served—had higher satisfaction levels. The likely reason is that these organizations are forced to simplify their LMS implementations. The lesson here: Focus on a single learning application at a time. After an application, such as deployment of an e-learning program, is implemented and running smoothly, another application can be rolled out. "

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Free interactivity/collaboration

Just got review copy of a GREAT new book: Ryan Watkins' 75 E-Learning Activities (Pfeiffer). Written in the style of the old Games Trainers Play books, this is a compilation of ideas for online (mostly asynchronous, using discussion boards) exercises. Good ideas, clear directions, assessment of skill level needed by both instructor and learner.