Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning in 3D blog book tour stop

Welcome to today's stop on the Learning in 3D blog book tour.

Does the passage below sound familiar? Substitute “VIE” with any other term you like: “technology”, “tool”, “course” “blog”, “Facebook group”, “webinar software”…:

“Some organizations create a virtual space with only vague learning outcomes and no formal assessment plan. Then, after a few months of inactivity, no visible learning outcomes, and frustration, the organization drops the VIE because it doesn’t seem productive.” (p.204)

Learning in 3D offers sound advice for avoiding what the authors call a “virtual ghost town” and maximizing time and work put into the efforts. As with all things elearning, the magic lies not with a tool but with a deliberate, thoughtful approach to design and desired outcomes. Authors Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll stress the importance of planning, of intent, of systemic approach and strategy. They also acknowledge the background and expertise of their audience, assuring readers that moving to VIEs is largely a matter of adjusting existing skill sets and learning to focus as much on environment as context.

Question: For those of you who have made the move from more traditional training and elearning, what did you find helped the transition most?