Saturday, June 18, 2005

Creating web pages with Word and SnagIt

Those of you who are SnagIt users will probably agree it's the best $35 you ever spent. Those of you who aren't SnagIt users: SnagIt is a great, easy-to-use product for creating and editing screen captures (still and video). It's available from TechSmith (and can be bundled with the great Camtasia tool, too).

I was looking at the TechSmith site and found this link to a tutorial for creating a Web page with Word and SnagIt. Take a look!

Scary words about an LMS decision

The cardinal rule of buying an LMS is, of course, to develop your list of criteria and hold the vendor to it. This week I was asked to sit in on the vendor's demo of a product that ultimately will cost several million dollars. I sat down with my list of criteria--developed over days by a group of stakeholders--and told the audience I was ready.

One of the key decisionmakers said: "Well, we're not going to ask the vendor to show us whether the product can do every single thing we want."

Uh, Oh and Wow.