Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Blog by Any Other Name

I just did my "Collaboration on a Shoestring" session for the Illinois Online Conference, where we talked about using Web 2.0 technologies for training purposes. I'm always interested in seeing how people repurpose these technologies in interesting ways and to suit varying needs. A local restaurant, Piedmont, is using a blog as a quick, easy-to-edit, free way of updating its daily menu. (The restaurant's good, too!)

What other unusual uses are out there for blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 tools?


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine used a wiki to plan her wedding, with separate pages for info on caterers, invitations, reception halls, florists and bands. Worked great!

Anonymous said...

There's a wiki somewhere -- and of course I can't find it at the moment -- where someone is developing an online "Cliff's Notes" with summaries of books.