Friday, January 23, 2009

E-Learning Buzzword Bingo Card

Clark Quinn, Cammy Bean, Steve Sorden and I have been having a Twitter discussion about buzzwords associated with e-learning. The conversation quickly showed that once-useful concepts are often cannibalized and reduced down to little more than hype for the marketing and the misguided. For more, read Clark's excellent post, "Less than Words."

Meanwhile, help me complete the "Official E-Learning Buzzword Bingo" card as we are still short a few terms -- but I know they're out there. What terms did we miss?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

* Web 2.0
* Collaborative
* Rapid
* Virtual (Reality)

Just couple off the top of my head. Some with more meaning than others.

Jane Bozarth said...

From Thomas Stone:

blended, learning 2.0 (or even 3.0), mobile, game-based, creative and rapid

Unknown said...

objective oriented

ADDIE plus

Nicole said...

'Next Steps' is definitely over-used, in eLearning as well as other areas though.

Jane Bozarth said...

Anonymous, Thomas, Roadturn, and Nicole: Thanks for the suggestions! I'll work up a final version of the card this weekend. Perhaps someone will turn it into a Facebook app and we can all play together!

I thought of another one, too: "standards-based".

Thanks again for your contributions,

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Jane

I am the cow's tail with this one as I've only recently found your site.

I love the list you are gathering here - and they are so spot on! I also agree with every contribution.

One word I haven't found among them, and that I think is also a buzzword is digital. In this day and age, when everything that is anything is 'digitised' anyway, what the heck does digital mean to us?

Catchya later
form Middle-earth

Anonymous said...

The two I often hear (and usually floor me) are "cheap" and "fast."

Bex said...

Needs more cowbell