Thursday, August 13, 2009

Better than Bullet Points

Hundreds of people joined me for a whirlwind tour of my second book, Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint. The session, hosted by the Training Magazine Network, came down to this: Plenty of horrible e-learning has been created with expensive tools. Good e-learning is about thoughtful design, not software.

Articulate's Tom Kuhlmann offers this example of an e-learning tutorial created with PowerPoint. It's based on the great "Frog Guts" high-school-biologyg simulation, so be warned about the content.

For those who missed the session, Cammy Bean was kind enough to offer a concise recap on her "Learning Visions" blog.

I'll be offering the extended version of the"Better than Bullet Points" program for Training Live + Online Events beginning on September 9.


mike said...

As always, great stuff Jane. Now if we could get everyone to apply these ideas we'd all be better off. "See" you in #lrnchat tonight?

Jane Bozarth said...

Thanks a lot, and yep, see you tonight. #lrnchat is my favorite time of the week.

Readers? Don't know about #lrnchat? Every Thursday night, 8:30 ET, a group of learning professionals gathers to discuss issues of interest. Join us on Twitter with the hastag #lrnchat.

And watch soon for #lrnchats scheduled at a more convenient time for those in the UK and europe.

Cammy Bean said...


You're an absolutely fabulous presenter. What I didn't capture in my notes was your great use of the optometrist test. "Which is better: One or two? One? Two?"