Sunday, August 08, 2010

Updates to "Social Media for Trainers"

Many thanks to those who have preordered Social Media for Trainers or purchased it for Kindle. A challenge with writing a book about technologies—particularly those that are continually morphing and evolving – is keeping content as up-to-date as possible. Since the book went to press several things have changed:

1. Correction to p. 59: While Facebook terms of service have always been clear that having fictitious accounts was a terms of service violation, it is now clearer that having multiple accounts is forbidden, too. Those wishing to maintain “private” space on Facebook (for instance, to have one’s personal account but also to use Facebook for hosting a course) can do this via the use of groups and fan pages. For instance, I have a main account but a "Jane Bozarth Bozarthzone" page. I post training/learning related information there; my "fans" don't have to friend me or vice-versa. Facebook offers many options for setting limits on who can see what: Be sure to learn about using lists and other privacy settings. (July 30, 2010)
2. Google has just announced that it will no longer support development of Google Wave and plans to support the service only through the end of 2010. Be on the lookout for new tools from Google. (July 30, 2010). Update to an update! September 4, 2010: Google has now announced that it WILL continue to support Wave. See details .
3. A new tool, HootCourse, has recently emerged in beta testing and is so far proving a useful, friendly space for aggregating conversations. Hootcourse assigns a unique URL. Learners can access Hootcourse via either Twitter or Facebook. Conversations can be kept private if so desired. See . For an example, visit a bookchat I recently led at (August 8, 2010). I've also used this as an introduction to Twitter for new users. We spend half an hour or so working privately in HootCourse, practicing using @replies, RTs and #s, then move into the bigger Twitter feed. Think "training wheels".

4. Tweetie2, a Twitter iPhone app discussed in the book, was purchased by Twitter and is now the Twitter-branded iPhone app Twitter, available from the iTunes app store. (June 2010)

5. Enterprise social networking is rapidly expanding and evolving. Here's a comparison of 7 enterprise products, including Sharepoint and Jive. Also, Yammer (previously regarded as a microblogging tool) is moving toward becoming a full-fledged networking tool. (September 5, 2010)
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Zadoc said...

Jane, I love your book and it has helped me a lot in designing courses.

One new social media site that I discovered is It's a social polling site. I use it when I need a quick response to one question... when SurveyMonkey seems like "too much." I also use it during WebEx presentations when I want to keep a record of the poll results.