Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Book Tour Week 1 Recap

Thanks to everyone who's been following the blog book tour for Social Media for Trainers! It was a great week with contributions from great folks:

Stop 1 was Jane Hart's Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, where the book received "Pick of the Day" status.

Stop 2 offered comments from Karl Kapp's Kapp Notes on the variety of activities available to workplace training practitioners wanting to extend and enhance their practice with social media tools.

Stop 3 was a guest post for Yammer with a discussion of using these tools for social learning in the enterprise.

Stop 4 Came from someone with a slightly different specialty area, Clark Aldrich, who commented on categories of social media on his Simulations blog

Cammy Bean went beyond the call in doing both an audio interview with me (Stop 6)  for the Kineo blog as well as inviting me as a guest on the fun ID Live program (link will take you to the Elluminate recording).

Stay tuned for more! Up next: Posts from Brent Schlenker, Gina Schreck, Don Clark, Sahana Chattaopadhyay, and Monish Mohan, and a podcast from Eden Tree. See the complete blog book tour schedule here.

Social Media for Trainers is now available in paperback and for eReaders in North America; shipping soon to the UK, EU, and India. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other booksellers.Thanks again to everyone helping with this project. It's much appreciated.

 I'm especially interested in hearing what ideas readers are applying/what new ideas the book may have sparked, so please comment here or find me on Twitter (@janebozarth , @SoMe4Trainers) or on my Facebook pages (Bozarthzone ,  Social Media for Trainers).


Karl Kapp said...


The tour is a lot of fun. Also, I just wanted to remind folks that the book is also great for teachers and faculty looking for ideas in the classroom.

Jane Bozarth said...

NOTE: I have a comment from someone named "EJ" from several days ago. Blogger will not accept it -- I have tried several times to publish it-- and I don't know why.

So EJ, if you read this, I apologize and will keep trying. The comment was: "Even in corporate learning solutions like elearning this is true. Engagement and interest is the key to a successful learning experience."