Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tips for Working with SMEs

We had a lively discussion in my VILT session today, "Instructional Design for the Real World". Here's a screenshot of the conversation (click to enlarge it). My own addition: the best SME may not be the one who's been doing the job the longest, but the one who has reached competence most recently. They are the ones more likely to remember what it was like NOT to know how to do the job, and they won't come to the table with years of war stories and one-time exceptions to SOP. Participant Greg Sweet also shared his own SME template. Thanks, as always, to host and to session producer Kassy LaBorie.


Jon Aleckson said...

Sounds and looks like a great session! Is this session recorded? The subject of SMEs is of importance to my PhD. studies. Did the concept of "building mutual respect" by sharing development expertise and process come up in your session? Keep me posted on similar sessions.

Anonymous said...


Love your blog. I have a query "Do you know of any simple to implement games that can be used in Synchronous Learning session.

I am battling to come up with some.


Jane Bozarth said...

Thanks Jon and Rupen. For the recordings of my live sessions visit . "ID for the Real World" is there (although sorry, Jon, just a little on SMEs) and "Games Synchronous Trainers Play" are both there.