Friday, June 05, 2009

Education v. Training

The @slqotd Twitter project, which offers a daily conversation via a "social learning question of the day", has taken a new twist. Frequent flyers are to post an answer on their own blogs, then send the link to @slqotd. The current question asks for the difference between learning and training, which I am taking the semantic liberty to alter to "the difference between education and training". My take on that has always been that "training" should ideally be aimed at immediate, performance-based use, while education more broadly and abstractly was aimed at some unspecified future use. Here is an ancient little ditty on that topic from prehistoric training lore:

Would you rather have your 14 year old daughter take a sex education class, or a sex training class?


Guy W. Wallace said...

And that is exactly how Bob Mager posed it to an NSPI/ISPI audience long ago. He declared "you already know the difference!" - and then finished with that gem!

ella holst said...

This brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing such a succinct answer that effectively ends the debate! Personally, I'd like to do away with the word "training" - no one wants to feel like a dog!

Maybe it's time we stop thinking about training and education as two ends of a heirarchy and begin to think of them as equally valid parts of a nonlinear process called "learning". After all, some people get sex education, some get sex training. But the person I want to be with has had a little bit of both and knows what to do with it!

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